I am extremely grateful to:

  • My mother, without whose constant support and encouragement, I wouldn't have been who I am, and who I will become in future
  • My wife, Medha, who, in spite of her busy practice as one of the  city's busiest anesthesiologists, holds the fort when I am away at some  wildlife resort or the other.
  • My sons, Vikram and Sandeep, who are everything a father would want his sons to be
  • MN Jayakumar, now Additional Principal Chief Conservator of  Forests, Govt of Karnataka, who quite literally took me under his wing,  and taught me the art of photography, including what camera and lenses  to buy
  • TNA Perumal, the doyen of wildlife photographers in Karnataka, in  particular, and India, in general, who has been a constant guru, and who  is as humble as he is great
  • HS Ganesh (who prefers to call himself Ganesh H Shankar), who is  always willing to teach not only the art of photography, but also post  processing skills, and, like Mr Perumal, is as humble as he is great
  • Vijay Cavale, who spent hours teaching me the concepts and  fundamentals of post processing, while I ate the sumptuous meals cooked  by his charming wife, and drank his single malts
  • Sudhir Shivaram, from whom I learnt the skills of approaching birds, composition, lighting and preparing images for the web
  • KSN Chikkerur, now Additional Director General of Police (ADGP),  Govt of Karnataka. He appointed me Honorary Special Police Officer, CID,  Forest Police after I had helped in catching over 35 poachers in  Nagarhole National Park
  • All my friends, too numerous to mention, who were painfully  subjected to looking at my images, especially in the early days of my  development as a photographer. Their only solace was the free beer that I  handed out to mitigate their suffering!
  • All the drivers, guides, and boatmen, without whose expert help, I  couldn't have got even a fraction of the images that appear on the  website