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Wild and Savage

Ajit K Huilgol

"The jungle is my temple and the animals that live there, my Gods. I feel blessed to go on these 'pilgrimages' and obtain Their divine darshan." I have been going on safaris in India and abroad for the past few years and have accumulated a vast collection of photographs that have given me immense pleasure.

All children are fascinated by animal and birds and I, too, was no different. Place some biscuits or chocolates in front of a child, and it will reach out for those that are in the shape of an animal or bird. Every mother knows this. Whenever a child refuses to eat or drink its milk, the mother will take it outside and show it a bird or an animal, even a donkey, and while the child looks on in open-mouthed wonder, the mother will pop some food into its mouth. However, this fascination does not last long. Once we start to go to school, we become 'uneducated' in a way. Our heads are filled with history, geography, maths, and other subjects, and animals take a back seat. This happened to me, too. Until, that is, a spark re-ignites this interest. For me, the spark was a visit to Bandipur on a college picnic. Then, there was no turning back. But, I couldn't afford a camera or even to visit wildlife parks. So, I had to be content in buying the occasional book on wildlife.

When I was young, Jim Corbett's tales held me spellbound. I longed to go to the forests he had mentioned and see the wildlife for myself. However, lack of money was a major constraint. I had to study hard to become a doctor and then I specialized in kidney transplant surgery, which is what I do for a living.www.kanti.com

I was now able to afford a good camera and take my family to wildlife parks like Bandipur and Kabini, initially, and later, to others in India and abroad. Both my sons, Vikram and Sandeep, have imbibed this love for the wild outdoors from me from a very young age and now take their own pictures, both still as well as video, and both have an impressive collection. My wife, who is an anesthetist, has been extremely supportive and has, in recent years, started accompanying us on some our safaris.

The images that you see are a result of these hundreds of hours spent in the company of wildlife. In the early days, and, in fact, till May 2007 (in Kenya), I was 'shooting' slides using Fujichrome film! It is only since I bought my first professional camera, a Canon 1D Mlll, in October 2007 that I switched over to digital.


The images you will see in the gallery are the result of hundreds of hours spent in the wild. You will see portraits, action, family scenes, feeding, resting, some 'tight' images showing only the subject, or wider angles showing the habitat as well...,in fact, a wide variety of angles and lighting situations.

Feel free to browse around in the sequence shown, or type in a keyword in the space provided and search. For example, if you want to see images of tigers, type in 'tiger' in the space and hit the enter/return button. Or, you could type in 'Kabini' to take you to all the images shot in Kabini.

Thank you for taking the time out to look at the images. Please do drop me a line with your comments/critiques to help me improve.